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Friday, October 30, 2009

Broad Beans

Just for my records....
Sowed the broad bean "Bunyard's Exhibition" that I got from Alan Romans (99p for 31 seeds) in the last empty bed in the back garden.
I have ordered some "Aquadulce Claudia" (a bigger pack, from Kings via the allotment society) for the bulk beds at the plot for feeding the freezer (!), but the little bed in the back garden will be handy for picking for meals.

I am hoping for a full day gardening today as I'm sure there can't be many more days of this Autumn mellowness left.


At 30/10/09 8:31 am, Blogger Jan said...

I sowed broad beans the other day too, and also the mangetout peas. We had a lovely crop of those peas last year and I ended up giving lots away as they didn't freeze very well.


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