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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Yesterday, being the first visitor free day that coincided with appropriate weather , I decided to go for it in the garden. The morning was spent planting out celeriac, dill, spinach and parsnips that I had started off in modules and jiffy sevens and which had been hardening off in my smart new Lidl tent greenhouse/cold frame.

It is time for the beans to be sown, so in the bed prepared last week I set up my third wigwam of bamboo sticks with a nifty plastic circle with holes in to gather it together at the top. I sowed Lady Di, two beans per stick. In the middle space went some Winter Density raised in modules.

Then I moved the aforesaid cold frame and weeded the bed under it ready for borlotti beans. Another wigwam took care of them, also filled with lettuce. Hopefully the beans will shade them a bit when they get bigger. I find lettuce seem to bolt in my back garden unless they have a bit of shade. Then I realised I hadn't enough poles to make the other two bean wigwams so I left the back garden to itself and went to the plot (after walking the dogs).

The plot has become rather weedy so I spent a while hoeing the paths between the beds. Some look better now but I have a lot still to do in that department. Also the nettles and grass on the bank, and the grass paths, are very long now and DH will come and strim them for me today...thankfully!

I also prepared a bed for the cabbages, Brussels and cauliflower plants raised in modules. I ran out of time to plant them and that'll be done today.

I also took some Limnanthes (poached egg plants) raised in modules, for planting out underneath the raspberries. They will help keep down the weeds there. I read that they are good companion plants for raspberries and they will also self seed.....a bonus!

I bought some currant bushes last week, red- and blackcurrants. These will go where I have the globe artichokes now. I find that having grown the beauties I don't really enjoy the vegetables enough to give them so much room. I'd rather have more fruit in their spot. We love summer pudding, and with the raspberries at the plot, and the strawberries at home we have all the necessary ingredients.

When I got home yesterday I could hardly walk. A bath and an evening spent sitting knitting didn't improve things, and I had a bad Ibuprofen to the rescue....! My back trouble stems from an old injury (a chap fell on me from a roof and crushed three vertebrae). I can't actually do it any harm by pushing it with work so I tend to go at it until I can't move then stop. Sometimes I can't get going again next day....we'll see!

So....strimming today, and weeding, and planting out, and going to Busy Bees for some more poles for the back garden wigwams......

Sorry no photos.....will do some today.


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