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Monday, May 19, 2008

Tidying up.

As the picture shows, it was getting difficult to get into the shed to get at the shelves at the back. Also the tools were in such a tangle that everything would fall out when I took one to use. I more than once clouted myself around the ear or in the face with the rake by treading on the tines (not funny when you wear glasses....the nose bits were all twisted....lucky I didn't break the lenses, as I always have glass rather than plastic ones). hour spent tidying and sweeping produced the results shown in the second picture....a tidy shed. When they are so small (6x4) they have to be kept tidy if anything is to be found.

I brought away a bin bag full of rubbish!

After this I weeded out the onions and shallots, spent an hour on hoeing paths and digging out deep weeds in them. These are almost pristine now. A little more effort will see it finished.
This afternoon I went back to weed the cabbages, re-net them, and tread the beds to firm everything in. They all have their cabbage collars they are safe from the dreaded root fly.

I also soaked every bed that could cope with it (ie not the courgettes, squashes and sweetcorn...a cold shower is the last thing they want. They had a watering can job, just to their roots!)
Chris on the next plot called out that he has black fly on his broad beans. So I went to check mine and sure enough....the little blighters were there....! So I pinched the tops off them all and tomorrow I'll give them a spray with my organic bug gun stuff.

Every day I am very grateful for my plot. £15 a year's rent, plus seeds and sundries, gives me so much pleasure. I could be paying £35 + a month to go to a gym and be neither so happy, nor (I believe) so fit. Plus....we get to eat good veg and fruit!
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At 19/5/08 9:34 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

I always find shed tidying deeply satisfying.I somehow think that if I've got time to do it then I'm on top of my gardening.Probably kidding myself.

At 19/5/08 9:40 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

That is so true! Notice I didn't do it last week when I was starting my grand tidy up at the plot. Actually a tidy shed would have made tidying the plot so much easier!

At 20/5/08 8:49 pm, Blogger James Dougan said...

Just tidied mine on Sunday morning, found my missing glove! 2 bags of rubbish taken out and now I can walk in & have a seat.

At 22/5/08 8:29 am, Blogger Matron said...

I just found a few blackfly on my broad beans this week too. I must pinch out the tops and spray.

At 28/5/08 8:13 pm, Blogger lyndxx said...

thanks seeing your shed has inspired me to clean mine,i sometimes think we dont realize how bad they are lol


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