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Monday, May 19, 2008

Squashes and Sweetcorn in

A wonderful afternoon I had a good slot for planting out my Squashes, pumpkins and sweetcorn. I had so many that I used the bed set aside for them, and another bed which was to have had leeks (top picture) but which I have given up to this as the leek situation is dire. I forgot to sow these at the appropriate time so have none for here. There are a few at home in the kitchen garden but not really enough.....never mind!

It was a mistake though masquerading as an opportunity though. The sweetcorn plants were of two different varieties and shouldn't be planted too near each other because cross pollination ruins the sweetness of Sweet Nugget (I think was its name) so they are now in beds at different ends of the plot. Sweetcorn is wind pollinated so I think these should be far enough apart. It is windy on my plot, but I don't think it will carry the pollen 25 feet.....after all we have set out the corn plants at 18 inch spacing to ensure the wind can do the 25 ft should be enough distance to be clear.

Anyway...this first bed has Sweetcorn Tuxedo, and squashes Pink Pear, Uchiki Kuri and Red Rooster (a heritage seed library one). The Pink Pear will need some support very soon because it is a climbing squash. Those are the ones that lasted so beautifully last winter.

This long bed at the top of the plot has the Sweet Nugget (?) Sweetcorn, and a variety of squashes and pumpkins.

The photos show where I slipped when scattering the slug ones. I know that isn't the ideal solution, but I don't have time to go up there with a torch each evening as I do in the back kitchen garden.

Today seems to be going to be fine all day. The washing is blowing in the breeze, and the kitchen is cleared up, so I'm off to the plot to weed the onions and cabbages, improve the netting situation over the cabbages, carry on deep weeding the between bed paths, and tidy up the shed.

On Wednesday I am off to Chelsea.......I'll be taking a load of photos like last year and will post the best on here over the next few weeks. I saw the preview last night and it looks like another cracking show. I have a few pennies saved for this and am hoping to be able to order some stunning irises for my front garden re-vamp (it bakes out there in the summer), some new strawberry plants after talking them through on the Ken Thingy (?) stand, check out the new Aqua Pots that another blogger is so smitten with, and look to see if there is any improvement on "John Downey" Crab Apple trees before investing in one of them. I had a really super day there last year and have high hopes of doing so this year.

Last year I wore my Crocs to the show(the slip on ones with the strap that can go forward or back). My feet lasted through quite well considering that I had to walk from Victoria Coach Station both ways as well as around the show all day. This year I have some of the boating ones, with the filled-in top with the draw cord closure. These stay on my feet better and little stones don't jump in as much as they do with the others. I also wear them with socks so my feet will be even comfier.
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At 19/5/08 8:38 am, Anonymous easygardener said...

Enjoy Chelsea. I usually alternate with Hampton Court and it's HC this year.
As you say it is hard on the feet. I've got to force myself to rest at intervals but it's difficult with so much to look at.


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