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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A boring photo!

This being the last hot day for a while, and the plot being in a nice airflow in the mornings...and in the shade too....I decided I could cope with something energetic. So I cleared this pathway between the courgette bed and the Kestrel potatoes. It was thick grass and dock and it had got away from me a bit last summer. I dug out all the offending weeds and got all the roots (the soil had really compacted so it was hard work). Then I used the loose soil to earth up the spuds. I have danced up and down on the new surface to compact it again and am happy with it. I WILL keep it hoped from now on!
I know it looks like nothing, but it took me over two hours!
I also hoed some of the other paths.

There was a water leak around our standpipe, so I phoned the Allotment Officer at 12. By the time I walked the dogs through the allotments at 3 they had been and stopped the leak. We are on water meters here on the Island, and I suppose that goes for the council too.

This afternoon I planted the two currants (red and black) that I bought the other day, into the bed at the side of the garden. It was a bit dry in one of the holes so I'll have to keep an eye on that one.

When it cools down a bit this evening I'm going to have a tidy up session in the back garden. Rain is on the way tomorrow and I have a lot to put away....
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At 16/5/08 7:35 am, Blogger Matron said...

So satisfying to work hard on the allotment then see the results when you stand back. We had lots of rain yesterday in London, much needed.


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