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Friday, May 09, 2008


What a beautiful day we had today! Not quite so sunny as yesterday so I put on a sunfrock as I thought there was less chance of burning. So...I now have a burnt back of my neck! It goes with my nose which burnt yesterday....!

I didn't post about yesterday's planting. I sowed more runner beans around another wigwam....Red Rum. And some Hestia (dwarf runners) around the wigwams. Within the framework I sowed various lettuces, as before.
In the pea bed I sowed some more sweet peas around a wigwam, hoping for some later blooms, and some cucumbers and pickling cucumbers around another.

I spent a long morning in the back Kitchen garden. It needed a good tidy up. I strimmed all the grass edges which were providing a hiding place for slugs. I still have a great deal to do but it does look better. I also dismantled the tent/cloche as I don't need a cold frame for a while, and it was in the way.

This afternoon I went to the spread grass mowings on the potatoes, and to sow carrots and beetroot. This first picture shows the bed after I'd finished. I had to weed it out first and reduce it to a fine tilth with my Wolf cultivator. 6 short rows of carrots... Flyaway, French Frame, and Early Nantes. The E Nantes were a seed tape which I am trying for the first time.

I also remembered to take the cabbage collars with me and "dressed" my cabbage plants. These look happy, which is a relief, remembering what happened to the plug plants I bought at great expense and planted in my plot last Autumn. Although I believe the problem there was that I had only just dug in the green manure crop....obviously its decomposition was affecting the plants...they all dies except two at the very end and even they failed to grow at all all winter.
These plants here were raised from seed in modules here in my tunnel and frame.

I ran out of time to do any more at the plot....I still haven't planted out the Poached Egg plants. I'll do them and another good hoe round tomorrow.

Now to put more cream on my burnt back neck and go lie down!!
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At 10/5/08 4:25 am, Blogger Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I have a sunburn too. Put on the tank top and didn't put on the sun screen.


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