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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surprising harvest

Guess what this is? I took this picture today. It is my Globe Artichoke plant, grown from seed this year, and it is producing a this time of year!We had a deep frost this morning....what is it thinking of?

I went to the plot today to dig spuds and saw it....I'm amazed.

I expect someone will read this and tell me it is quite usual....I do hope so.
Will I be able to harvest this and eat it? If so, how long should I leave it before I pick it?

Tomorrow I am going to the plot to plant my shallots. I have to do it this week rather than leaving it til next (supposed to be the shortest day according to my book) because I have a date for my op next Monday....hooray!
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At 13/12/07 6:23 pm, Blogger Matron said...

that is very weird! strange things have been happening this year for sure. I suppose you have a certain microclimate on IOW, but you will not be pestered by blackfly this time of year! The plant leaves themselves appear to be hardy, so why not the veggies themselves! Look forward to an update on this one!

At 16/12/07 6:07 am, Blogger kate said...

I wish I knew about Globe Artichokes. It seems odd to me though, that they are growing at this time of year.


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