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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update on nothing much

Long time no post from me! This is because nothing interesting is happening garden wise. I have been to the plot to dig some spuds, and spent some time re-organising the polytunnel beds in my home garden....but nothing really worth photographing yet.

When the weather improves I'll be going to the plot to finish clearing the final part of the plot ready for a productive year next year. Tuesday this week will be the first Anniversary of my plot, but I will be in Kent so won't be celebrating at the plot until the first fine day thereafter!

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At 9/12/07 9:27 am, Blogger Matron said...

It's always a dilemma at this time of year, to find something at all to blog about! So little daylight to do it anyway. I bought some agave nectar yesterday, I saw it in Sainsbury's and remembered you mentioned it. It tastes just like a thin golden syrup - quite nice.


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