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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back garden shrub bed...continued

I finished planting up the new shrub bed this afternoon.
First I spread a bag of bought farmyard manure (not fresh but processed), then I planted the shrubs. They look very small at the moment...and frail.
I planted lots of bulbs...all the ones from yesterday's list , and some additional bluebells, fritillaries and irises.
I mulched the whole thing with Levingtons bark. I have a corner not yet done, so it'll have to wait until Monday.
I used some thin bamboo stakes and lots of white string around the bed in an effort to stop the dogs tearing over it all when they are running.



At 11/11/07 10:59 am, Blogger blueblue said...

Oh my! I haven't been to visit since the 20th October I think and I've just been catching up on your posts. The transformation is amazing.

I feel a bit more encouraged about tackling my is nothing compared to what you've done with your plot. I can do it LOL.

At 16/11/07 8:00 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

you'll be surprised at how things fill out quickly. and then you'll have to cut them back!


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