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Friday, November 09, 2007

Back garden shrub bed

These arrived from J. Parkers yesterday whilst I was in London. They are shrubs for a bed I'm replanting in our back garden.
They are Philadelphus,
Vibernum Bodnantense Dawn,
Jasmine Nudiflorum,
Daphne Mezereum,
Sarcococca (Christmas Box) 3 plants , and
Ceonothus Puget's Blue.
A few weeks ago my bulb order for the same bed came, and these can now be planted...when I put the shrubs in. They are
Daffs Yellow Cheerfulness 30,
Cyclamen Neapolitanum 5,
Allium Karatav Ivory Queen 10,
Muscarii Mount Hood 50,
Allium Purple Sensation 15 (free gift!!!) , and
Angelique Tulip 30 (another Free Gift!!!!)

So....I spent a long morning and an hour this afternoon clearing this bed (it's about 17ft by 7ft at its deepest). There were 5 buckets of white bindweed roots, and lots of vinca. I've left the vinca that was at the back as I know it'll spread all over again when my back is turned and act as ground cover . I still have to add some goodness (I'll probably get some pelleted manure tomorrow as I haven't the energy to sift compost...!), but it is now ready for planting up. The only problem is that I'm now dead beat! I walked the dogs which helped me straighten up, but honestly...I started with a very bad back anyway from all my walking in London yesterday. I had a really good day and got lots of things I need desperately, but our train home was cancelled (tree down on the line at Petersfield!) , so we were shunted (standing seats available) all over the south east trying to get to Portsmouth Harbour. Then when we got there the Seacat was cancelled twice because they couldn't tie up at Ryde Pier because it was too rough. When we did eventually go we had to practically run and jump to shore because the gangplank was bucking about all over the place!!!!!! So I was very stiff and rather tired this morning. But I had two ibuprofen (then two more later) and managed to do what was needed.

The tree on the right is the pear, which needs it's annual pruning soon. There is a red climbing rose behind that. On the left is a rather unhappy camellia. I'll give that some TLC and see if it helps. The bush against the fence in the middle is a mystery plant. It has white seedheads like mistletoe, but I have no idea of its name. In the soil in front I have heeled in a whole lot of pink geraniums which I rescued as I weeded. These'll be spread about when I've replanted.

Hope tomorrow is fine so that I can finish this job.

I need also to go and get some bark chippings to topdress the bed because I don't relish weeding this too often. I prefer veg gardening to flower gardening so this has been designed to be minimum maintenance.
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At 9/11/07 11:26 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

I hope you are soon recovered. Shopping and walking in Toronto always does my back in. Standing like you did on the train sounds very tiring. This border will look great when finished, and blooming in the spring.
Thank you for your comment, however I read it in my email, but for some reason it did not appear on my blog?
If you can resend it, I will cut and paste it into the comments.
I didn't want you to think I had deleted it foer any reason.

At 10/11/07 10:27 am, Blogger RUTH said...

A wonderful selection of shrubs...their flower perfume will be lovely!


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