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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumn clear up contuniues

To show what I have been doing at the plot recently.

This is the bank area which I had not cleared at all since taking on the plot. I have spent hours this week clearing the nettles and rubbish from here and have started digging and sieving the soil to get out the weed roots. The cleaned soil is going on the no-dig beds. Today I did two barrow loads of weed roots, and 15 tub-trugs of sieved soil was added to the beds. (next picture).

To get an idea of what this area looked like a week ago there is a
before picture on my October 19th post.

I did want to have a bonfire today as there is still so much rubbish to burn, but the people whose flat is behind the fence, who live in London and use the flat at weekend (like most of the fats in the block) came out fussing when I lit it. So I let it go out. They go home tomorrow evening so I can have a fire on Thursday.....hopefully it won't rain.

Tomorrow I must take the broad bean seeds to the plot to sow them . Malcolm's broad beans are 6 inches tall already! And I must remember to take the broken earthenware flower pot to add to my insect hotel area under the big bay bush in the corner.
(I do hope this post takes this time. I just posted it once and the pictures came out as red xs...!)



At 31/10/07 6:37 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

The photos look fine to me. You have been busy! Is your back holding up ok?

At 31/10/07 6:52 pm, Blogger Matron said...

It is so satisfying to get out on a sunny cold day and get stuck into the gardening! Such a real sense of achievement when you look back and see what you have done! Is that the Solent I can see in the distance?

At 31/10/07 7:28 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Ruth. My back isn't I gave it a rest today. I can't have the fire until tomorrow so I cleaned my stove instead!!!

Matron.It is the Solent. A better view than we have at home. When I'm digging and want to stretch for a minute I stand and watch the ferries.


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