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Friday, October 19, 2007

OK ....I've loaded them through you'll possibly get red xs!!!!

I am getting on nicely with the Autumn clear up at the plot. The weather was soooooo lovely today that it was bliss to be working there.
Looking up the plot from the shed door you can see the progress I've made so far.
I have decided that I need a central path so I'm installing it as I clear and manure the beds.
I don't think I'll actually lose much growing space this way as I'll probably not run the crosswise paths right to the grass paths along the LH edge of the plot. My mind sees a long row of marigolds right up the LH edge of the plot.....colourful and good companion plants.

I meant to sow some broad beans today but forgot to take them with me. Perhaps tomorrow.
Looking from the other direction you can see the cabbages under the nets in the foreground. They are beginning to show signs of growth. They have been in 3 weeks now. My neighbours plants, from the same order, planted the same day, are twice the size of mine! I think mine would have been happier if I hadn't used green manure on the bed so recently. Oh live and learn...!

You can see the messy corner which I'll be getting to when the plot has had its complete Autumn clear up.
The broccoli under the nets on the right here is very healthy. I'm looking forward to that this winter.

I have just done my order for next year's seeds, to be added to the Allotment holders' order from Van Hage. They offer a 40% discount for allotment associations if the order is more than £100. As most of their seeds are 99p a packet (from the printed catalogue.......thus only 60p when you take the discount into consideration) we save an enormous amount when compared with T&M or the other well known ones. If you are interested the Van Hage website is here
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At 20/10/07 7:53 am, Blogger Matron said...

Isn't the weather wonderful for clearing up! I have been out too, cleared up all my runner bean poles and made some lovely space. I took the nets off my brassicas for just 2 days, intending to weed and mulch - the pigeons found them! Luckily Buddy was there to bark at them and not much damage was done!

At 21/10/07 8:42 am, Blogger blueblue said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your plot and finding out a little bit more about allotments. Wow, you sure have worked hard!


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