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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where has this week gone? I have been taking advantage of every moment to get the garden and the plot straight for the winter.

In the Kitchen Garden, at home, I have cleaned up 7 of the beds. I trimmed off the strawberry bushes and weeded the bed. I weeded the asparagus bed. I cleared all of the beans, runner and borlotti. (I have a good number of seeds for next year....a bonus as my catalogue charges £1.69 for 60 seeds.) The courgettes at home were past their best so that bed, along with the sweetcorn stalks and the beans which had after all climbed some of the stems, but after harvesting the cobs.

The erstwhile runner bean bed now has broad beans and garlic (Marco) and a few surplus onion sets. The Borlotti bean bed now has the main lot of onion sets (Radar). The sweetcorn/courgette bed has field beans (green manure) and a heavy mulch of grass clippings.
Two beds left to sort out in the KG, but they can wait. They are not too awful.

Today I spent 3 hours at the plot. I cleared a huge pile of debris (courgette and squash plants, fennel which had self seeded all over, nasturtiums etc and a host of weeds) and remarked out the beds nearer the shed. One is now completely cleared and now has field beans in to help with the fertility.

I hope to get there tomorrow to have a go at further beds and to spread my now well rotted manure.

I have also requested some palettes from IOW Freecycle....we'll see if they come up with any. I need a vast amount of compost space at the plot as the Dalek is nowhere near enough.

Today was so warm at the plot I kept hiding in the shed taking off layers!!! The view of the Solent was mesmerising.


At 18/10/07 6:41 pm, Anonymous allotment lady said...

It all sounds idyllic there.

At 19/10/07 6:46 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

you've been working hard! its all worth it when things start to growing next year.


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