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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here is the 3x3 veg plot on 22nd October. There are still plenty of pickings to be had....although I'm not sure the sweetcorn would be worth eating now....probably gone woody!
From the other direction.....!
The potager was looking very lush for a change. I have been a bit disappointed by it on my last few visits, hence no photos of it recently, but on Monday it looked good.
I was interested to see that their asparagus was turning yellow. Mine is still really green, and I'm waiting for it to look like this before I cut it down and mulch it for the winter. Truly we are much warmer here on the Island than Wisley is.

This morning in Kent I had to scrape the car windscreen before leaving Mum's. I remembered we used to do it most Autumn and Winter mornings when we lived there. But there was no frost here on the Island this morning, nor is there likely to be for months. I think we scraped our windscreen twice last winter.
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At 24/10/07 6:16 am, Blogger RUTH said...

We've certainly had a few frosty mornings now. Glad you don't suffer as much on the IOW.

At 25/10/07 1:39 pm, Blogger Melanie Rimmer said...

I saw somewhere a set of instructions to make your own popcorn from home grown sweetcorn. Basically you pick it and dry it out, then you put it in a pan with a little hot oil and a lid (the lid is very important)until it stops popping. Myabe your corn would be suitable for making popcorn even if it isn't good for eating.


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