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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

As usual on my trips to Kent to visit my mother, I stopped at Wisley. I like their cake and coffee, and I love their shop! The cards are well chosen and I always stock up, and browse the books....and never come away empty handed (this time I was seduced by a Sudoku propelling pencil...which is wonderful....and a book about planting by the moon etc for 2008).

I usually run quickly up to the veg garden compound to keep an eye on the 3x3 veg plot, the model allotment, and the potager. Photos of these in the next post.

My eye was taken this time by an apple display on the bit that is usually taken up by very intricate mosaic type planting. This tractor was bright and eye catching. The next picture was the explanation of which apples went where.

I had a little longer than usual here and decided to find the new glasshouse. On the way I walked through this bit I hadn't seen before.....I'd love to copy it in my garden.
And in the plant shop was this display of pumpkins and squashes. This was nothing like the displays we saw in New England when we were lucky enough to go there to see the Fall colours in 1992, but it was cheerful, and cheered me up.

I got some seeds I couldn't find here on the Island...some Cavolo Nero type kale, and some weird and wonderful squash seeds...all vacuum packed so they'll be ok next summer to plant.

I also got a gigantic Hippeastrum bulb (Amaryllis) in my favourite colourway....Apple Blossom. I'll start that off tomorrow and look forward to its delights in December.
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At 24/10/07 6:15 am, Blogger RUTH said...

Now where have I seen this before LOL. It was my first visit to Wisley and I loved it. Definitely worth visiting often :o)

At 24/10/07 6:47 pm, Blogger Matron said...

Those displays look wonderful! I must squeeze in a visit to Wisley some time soon!


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