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Saturday, November 03, 2007

State of play at the plot today

The weather was fine.....windless and very I went to the plot for two hours this afternoon. I spent the time cleaning the bed that had been beetroots and carrots this summer. Then I barrowed all the manure from the compost bays and dumped it on the deep bed. It needs a little raking now to make all tidy then leaving until next spring. This will be for spuds next season.

Now the manure bay is empty the next job is to turn the compost into it. It seems three of us will share a load of manure very soon, so the empty bay will have to house the manure until I get a chance to spread it. If I need any more I'll have it delivered in bags so it doesn't hog the compost bays all summer.

Later in the afternoon the dogs and I walked through all the plots. I found the couple who are now doing the plot I had last year. The poor souls are now "helping" the plot holder....! I'm afraid I had to warn them how fickle she is. They have done so much work, and it looks beautiful. I suggested they get themselves on the list asap, as there is no real hope of getting that one permanently.

I keep looking to see if the field beans on the plot and here at home (a green manure crop sown weeks ago) are coming up, but there is no sign at either garden. A bit disappointing!
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At 4/11/07 8:23 pm, Blogger Melanie Rimmer said...

The field beans will come. Don't worry. With the weather we've been having lately I think I could sow mangoes and pineapples!

At 5/11/07 8:18 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

It all looks so tidy and that manure will do the soil the world of good. Hope you see signs of your green manure soon :o)

At 5/11/07 11:03 pm, Anonymous Lottie said...

You must be so very proud of all you have accomplished this year - it looks magnificent.

At 5/11/07 11:16 pm, Blogger Wildside said...

Hi, LilyMarlene -- thanks for visiting my blog today and playing along. Sorry about all the snapdragon madness!

Funny! I've been a lurker at your blog before. Time to come out of the shadows, eh?!

As to practical jokes, I may be guilty in my time -- but really, like you, don't think I care for them so much either. A housemate of mine once pointed out that there is an often a cruel element of truth in them -- that's why one should be careful with them...

Hope you stop by again sometime -- I am drooling over your garden, even after having spent the day in mine!

At 6/11/07 6:41 pm, Blogger Matron said...

I just love to have a digging and clearing day on a bright day! recently I have just taken to spreading the compost on the surface of the soil this time of year and just leaving it for the weather and the worms to do their jobs. I also grew a green manure last year. I think if you get it in early in the Autumn it makes good progress, otherwise it will just streak ahead in the Spring.


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