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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Plot update

Eleven months ago today I was told that I could have plot 58 if I wanted it. So I thought I should take some pictures of the state of the plot as at today.
This first picture shows the far end of the plot. The posts on the left are jut on Chris plot, and you can see where I have been digging today. I am trying to clear the "path" between my plot and his so that I can pin down some black garden fabric stuff to stop weeds.

Deep Bed 1 had spuds in this year, followed by carrots at this end (still a few there) and green manure (white clover) at the other...also still you can see.

Deep Bed 2 was beetroots and carrots this year. It has now been cleaned (not dug as it is a no-dig bed) and the last of the manure spread about 2 inches deep.

Deep Bed 3 was onions this year. Then I sowed phacelia as a green manure. This was dug in and cabbage plants went in, all within a few days. This was a mistake.....the cabbage plants have all shrivelled up and died, except for 2. I am not sure what to do with this bed now.....! I expect I'll take up the net and move the two healthy cabbages to the broccoli bed at the other end of the plot.

The next picture shows Deep Bed 3 again. Then Deep Bed 4. This has the remains of our maincrop potatoes in...Desiree. These are being left in the ground until wanted.

Deep Bed 5 was courgettes this year, as was Deep Bed 6. These have been cleaned.

Deep Beds 7 and 8 were squashes this year at the far end, and broccoli and kale at the path end (under the net in the next picture). Next year they will be made into proper deep beds separated by little paths. The far end of bed 7 has the broad beans in which I sowed recently These are now peeping through the soil. And the far end of bed 8 has the field beans in....these seem to be up and flourishing as at this morning.
The compost bins which I installed last month are now tidied for the winter. I turned the compost this morning from one bay to the other, pulling out all the white roots (which had already colonised the plant matter) and putting them into the ex wormery you see here, hopefully they will rot away without "infecting" all my compost. I'm sure there will still be roots all through the compost when it is done, but I have made an effort.

In the background you can see the efforts I have made with the bank. I don't think I am going to go on with my "incinerator" plan. The fire made in the stone enclosure works very well. I must have another fire soon. Then I can finish tidying the bank. I think I'll lay cardboard all over the area, with manure over it, and use this spot for the courgettes and pumpkins next year. I'll have to give them lots of water as the tree sucks it all up from this spot.

All in all I am quite satisfied with my 11 months work. I have plans to finish the bank clearance, and to finish all the burning. I hope to do it all by the 8th December as that will be the First Anniversary of starting to dig.
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