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Friday, November 23, 2007

Kitchen garden tidy up

Today I felt a bit too fragile to work on the plot as it catches the cold winds on a breezy day. So I worked in the Kitchen Garden instead. It was long overdue.Firstly a few pics of the state of play before I started. This photo shows the rh beds before the sun got to them. The far right one has brussels and broccoli in. The one one the left has gladioli bulbs just beginning to die back. In front of them some winter radish. Black and very hot!The left front bed has field beans as a green manure. It was heavily mulched with mowings last time we cut the grass....this has all but disappeared!The front right bed has a few salad leaves in it....the rest is bare.
Here are the next 4 beds. The far left one appears in the next photo so I'll mention it later. The far right one has spinach, under cloche to stop the cats "manuring it. I sowed these a while ago and I haven't looked lately to see how they are getting on. There is also a couple of brussels sprout plants....still quite small so they'll possibly follow on from the others. The marigolds at the front of the bed are still strong looking but I don't suppose there will be any more Flowers. In the front garden they flower all winter but the back garden is shaded by the house so is not so warm.The front bed has what's left of my leeks. The rest of the bed now has a deep layer of compost.The one behind, with the green netting on, is completely sown with onion sets. They seem to be coming up.

This is the back bed. The cloches cover some more sets...shallots this time. On their left is the garlic, which looks pretty good. This now has a heavy compost mulch too.Behind the garlic are a few broad bean [plants...the end of a packet, just filling a small square. The main lot of these are at the allotment.Front left is my little bed of salsify. What do I do with them then? I grew them as an experiment. I have no idea if they are ready, or what to do with them if they are...!

The asparagus (started Spring 2006 from seed and in this bed since May I think) was at last turning yellow so I have cut the tops off, weeded the bed, and put a 2 inch layer of compost on the crowns.The strawberries were trimmed back some weeks ago now. I weeded them again today and put a good mulch of compost around these too.

But the main job of the day was sorting out the compost bins. See next post!



At 24/11/07 10:59 am, Blogger blueblue said...

I'm impressed by your photos...I so want to get organised vegie beds going. It all looks so neat and tidy : )

At 24/11/07 11:13 am, Blogger patsy said...

I think the reason you have so many red x is all your post are on front page , you need to archive, somewhere on your set up you will see a place to do this. i archive after 5 post because i post so many photos, some people do it by the month and some every two weeks.
even if the are archived they are there you just go into the archive to see them.

At 24/11/07 11:34 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I'll look into that Patsy ad see if it works for me too. I hope it does!
Thanks for posting this!

At 24/11/07 2:47 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Thick frost here again this morning and I must admit I've not even stepped in the garden's sooo cold. Your beds look so neat! Love the idea of compost 'daleks'

At 25/11/07 12:19 pm, Blogger Miranda Bell said...

I love all the before and after pictures you've got on your site - we're in the throws of doing something similar with our garden in Brittany - it always gives me encouragement to see how far we've come when you look back! Bon Courage... Miranda

At 25/11/07 12:21 pm, Blogger Miranda Bell said...

I love all the before and after pics that you got on your site - we've done something similar with our garden in Brittany - it's great looking back to see how far things have come on even if it doesn't feel like it! Bon courage... Miranda

At 27/11/07 1:12 pm, Blogger She Who Digs said...

Your garden looks so lovely! All neat, tidy & ordered which is what I'm striving for on my plot. SWD

At 27/11/07 7:44 pm, Blogger Matron said...

You are SO lucky if you have managed to grow salsify! I just love them, they are a gourmet treat. They are a long, thin dark brown root, dig them up, peel them like a parsnip and boil them. Served with butter. Taste like a parsnip.. sort of. Let me know, and I'd love to see pics if they come good!

At 27/11/07 10:14 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

OK. I suppose I could dig one up and try it. I'll report how it goes...!

At 28/11/07 12:42 pm, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

I am impressed by your beds, I hope I get fit for next year and can sort my lot out then!!!!

At 2/12/07 4:34 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

You do work hard. It is so cold here right now. If that was my garden it would be under 10 inches of drifting blowing snow and its still falling.

At 3/12/07 11:48 am, Blogger Miranda Bell said...

I wish we had snow in France right now with the amount of rain we've had this weekend and the gales too... the drifts would be quite spectacular! - Lily - do hope the weather is better with you!


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