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Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo a day.....11th June.

"The Old Gate".
The blurb in the Chelsea guide says.....
This old farmyard garden was once lovingly maintained, especially by the farmer's wife, who found the soft colours of the perennials a welcome change from the open fields of uniform crops. Sadly, war has changed all this and the farm is growing food to fight a war and boost the "Dig for Victory" campaign. Part of the garden has now been turned over to vegetables, and the once cherished perennials seem frivolous and unworthy of such loving attention. Nature has invaded the perennials, wild flowers and grasses grow among them, creating a dishevelled but still beautiful mix of man-made and Mother Nature.

The Old Gate
is a garden built to create a sense of nostalgia by evoking memories of the past. It is a garden based on an old farmyard from the 1930s to 1940s.

Whilst looking back to the past, this garden also looks to the future. It uses recycled and reclaimed materials, encourages wild plants and therefore wildlife, and promotes heritage fruit and vegetable varieties in order to secure their future.

I must admit I loved it. The detail is terrific...the photos will enlarge if you click on them if you want to see the shed properly....!

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At 20/6/07 2:03 pm, Anonymous annulla said...

What a marvellous place! Gorgeous photos and a wonderful story, too.

I've just found your blog and am very much enjoying your view of gardens and gardening.

Please do tell more about what the Chelsea Guide is.

At 20/6/07 2:48 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I mean the Chelsea RHS Flower Show Catologue which I bought when I went to the Chelsea Flowe Show last month. It is a list of details about all of the show gardens that were there this year.
I'm glad I bought it (£5!) as it has helped me remember the names of each garden. I went to the show with good intentions about making notes about each photo, but you know how it is.....!!!


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