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Friday, June 08, 2007

Photo a day....8th June.

The Marshalls' Sustainability Garden was a really lovely one. And who'd have thought that it was all based on re-cycling etc. The show guide explains that "The Garden incorporates a number of key ideas for a sustainable lifestyle, including the re-cycling of grey water, the production of solar power, the planting of fruit, vegetables and flowers, and the use of re-cycled materials."
The rest of the quotes are from the handy leaflet we were given....!
"The planting is equally valuable for its medicinal and nutritional qualities as for texture and movement ."
The pyramids house solar panels.
I thought the pond was particularly beautiful.

The leaflet explained that "the inclusion of reed bed filters illustrates the potential for filtering domestic water to maintain levels and irrigate moisture loving plants.
Crushed recycled clear glass adds reflection and light quality around the feature mirror pool, with stainless steel and blue glass pyramids forming a dominant feature to house the solar panels."

I can't remember whether it got a gold or not, but it should have!

For a little video about it look here
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At 9/6/07 5:56 am, Blogger RUTH said...

I like this one when I saw it on TV. Good to know it looked as good in the flesh! I so loved that pond.


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