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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What a wonderful day today has been! Warm and still. I walked the dogs miles along the beaches and the sea walls, and there were families on every beach just as if it was summer.
For me it was better than a summer day because I can cope with sun at this time of year, but burn badly in summer.

While I was out it was the Grand National. This morning DH asked me to choose a horse. I always have a grey one so I asked which were the greys....he didn't know, but said Silver Birch would be a grey judging by the I had that one.(We don't bet on them...that'd make them fall!) He was really miffed that that one won, whereas his came nowhere even though it was much fancied (Idle Talk I think was its name!)

No "plotting" today as I was out this morning and I didn't fancy digging in full sun this I went to the Garden Centre for some bamboo poles and built all the frames for the runner and borlotti beans, the climbing peas Magnum Bonham and sweet peas, and the outdoor tomatoes and cucumbers in the raised beds in the Kitchen Garden. I still have to string them but there is no hurry as yet.
I also bought some celeriac seeds as I spotted some at last, and succumbed to the allure of some little plug plants of Verbena Magic Plum and some others which I have forgotten the name of.

A bit of weeding in the bed around the whole veg patch and some spot weed treating of some bindweed which is curling up everywhere!

DH mowed the back lawn without any hinting....wonderful!

The evening was spoiled by having to shut all the windows as next door's relatives are staying and they had a barbecue. I think they haven't a clue as the air and therefore the house, were full of evil smelling smoke. How can people enjoy food cooked in those noxious smelling paraffin fumes?


At 14/4/07 9:47 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

Sounds like the perfect day...!
Neighbours can be clueless....mine bought a chiminea and lit it beside the fence. Then got mad with me because I told her she was filling my house with smoke...!!!Some people...LOL


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