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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

These are my trailing ivy leaved geraniums, and trailing petunias which I bought at Tesco's. They have doubled in size since I potted them on. Compost from Lidl's.
This is my experiment for this year. Melons in self-watering pots. I have installed a pop bottle with the end cut off to put the water in so that I can see when the base is full of water.
I've started the seeds, Dr Jaegers, in a peat pot of fine potting compost tucked down into the coarser compost, and covered over with this makeshift cloche.
I know it is probably too early to start melons but if it takes it takes, if it doesn't can re sow next month.

In a similar pot I have sown Water Melon "Sugar Baby" as well.

I have three more of these pots which I will use for the cucumbers. I struggle to keep the beds in the tunnel adequately watered enough for these types of crops so hope this will give me an advantage.

Now I'm off to dig my plot!

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