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Monday, April 02, 2007

Having wasted yesterday in bed I was determined to get my onions sown, and carrots and beetroots. I know it isn't a roots day on the moon calendar today (missed it yesterday) but they really should be in and I couldn't wait for the next one. They'll have to take their chance.

The bed with the wet stripes is carrots (Giant Flak) at the left hand end.....a whole packet, and Beetroot (Bikores) at the right hand half. The bed below is Onion Sturon.

I was hoping to put in lots of shallots too, but I was so late with them that the bulbs had rotted. It looks like I'll be buying them for pickling this year. I have some in the Kitchen Garden but not many.

At the path end of each bed I sowed a row of marigolds....just because I like them. Hopefully they'll self sow and I'll always have them. The ones in our front garden have flowered all winter.

I also started on the huge pile of weed roots and rubbish. We can't have fires now until October so I'm bagging it up to take to the tip one day soon.

I was amazed to see that weeds were already growing on the trodden paths...since Saturday! inch tall already! They will have to be hoed off soon.

Although some of the allotment holders here put their potatoes in in January (16th) I still haven't put mine in. I will do them on Good Friday as advised by another plotholder. However next year I'll try the January tip. I don't see why not really as the volunteers that get left in the ground are all up and growing away. As long as we earth them if frosts are threatened all should be well. We don't get many frosts here.....about 4 this winter. And we mowed the lawn every month this winter too.
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