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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Mantis Tiller was ready finally today so I was able to have my first lesson in its use and to try it out. I got on so well that I was able to get all that I've previously dug and weeded down to a fine tilth. I marked the deep beds and trod down the paths. Now all is ready for planting.

Tomorrow I'll put the onion sets and shallots in the second bed you can see here. The first bed is for beans, the second for onions and similar, the third for carrots, beets and other roots...for winter storage and for pickles! The fourth bed is for spuds. They'll go in next permitting....!

I have been reading up about these beds and am going to space everything much closer than I would if they were in rows. As the beds are only 3'6" wide I'll be able to weed easily between the plants.

I feel very much better about my plot now that I'm finally able to get on with the planting and sowing. I have been feeling very guilty about it for a while as I haven't been there as much as I needed as life and the weather kept getting in the way. Now I feel like I've left the starting blocks and can get on with it at last!
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At 2/4/07 4:45 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

You have done fantastically well with your allotment in such a short space of time- I bet you are thrilled.


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