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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Photo a day....15th April

Is this an Isle of Wight thing or does it happen elsewhere?
Up Oakhill Road where the carved tree trunk is, a little way from the Seaview Wildlife Encounter attraction (ie lots of coaches in the summer months) is this tree.....growing partly in the road!

We are at a loss to understand why they insist on preserving this tree. It is not particularly healthy as you can see, nor beautiful, nor rare. There are plenty of other trees nearby. Why preserve this one?

The road is a bit of a "rat run" and having this hazard makes it even more treacherous. There is no sign warning of the obstruction!
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At 25/4/07 7:21 pm, Blogger Kai said...

I think any tree you can save is a good one. lol.. You know I'd have no idea why they would build the road and concrete a tree into it..
I was on the IOW last month and only got as far as East Cowes, but even that journey by bus was a little hairraising.. I can just imagine it with a tree in the road..
PEace, Kai


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