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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Can't go plotting until after lunch so I fiddled about in the tunnel doing various jobs.

These brassicas are ready to go out soon so need hardening off.This isn't quite so crucial with stuff from a polytunnel as it gets quite chilly in there at night...however I'm giving them a week under this fleece tunnel which is spare at the moment.
At the other end of the tunnel are these pathetic lettuces, and the peas which I sowed and am also ready to put out soon.
This is the state of play on the Sq Ft bed. All the seeds except the turnips and parsnips are up. You can see the radishes used as company/markers for the parsnips, and the radishes sown for their own sake (Rat's Tail) at the bottom. Under the green net cloche I sowed three squares worth of Mangetout peas this morning.
Down the middle of this bed will be the runner beans ...later!
In the tunnel is this poor fig . I really should plant it in the garden but haven't a south facing wall other than out the front and that has windows too low to grow a fig for now it is in here. I may well take it to the plot and grow it behind the raspberries, but the fence faces more west than south so that might be a mistake.
Anyway...I am delighted to see two tiny fruits on it.

Oh! I thought I loaded more photos...Picasa must be tired!
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