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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Because I can't go far from DH who is a bit the worse for wear after his ear op (I can't believe they sent him home on the ferry by himself the day after his op!!!!!) I can't go far so I've concentrated on the back garden today.....mainly seed sowing in the tunnel.
I sowed
  • tomatoes......2 seeds to a jiffy pot.....Gardener's Delight (4 jiffies), Sunbelle (2 jiffies)Tigerella (2), Marmande (4), Harzfeuer (2), St Pierre (4), and 4 Tomatillos "De Milpa Purple". Some will grow outside, the rest in the tunnel. (These are now on the radiator indoors)
  • a tray of peas in modules...Meteor. These will be planted almost as soon as they germinate. I've done them like this in an attempt to foil the mice. (These are on the staging in the tunnel.)
  • Dwarf Bush Bean "Purple Teepee" to be planted out later in the tunnel borders for an early picking. (In a propagator indoors)
  • 6 Aubergines "Black Beauty" (In the propagator0
  • 4 Sweet Peppers "Californian Wonder"(Also in the propagator
  • 2 Courgettes "Floridor" in very small peat pots. These will also go in the tunnel border for an early crop. (Propagator)
  • 2 peat pots with cucumber "Passandra" to be grown in the tunnel. (4 seeds cost £2.50 from Kings. These are very small all-female flowered cues. We like them because one does a salad lunch for us two. (I'll be doing some Burpee ones later for outside.) (Also in the propagator)

The weather today was up in the 60's....wonderful.

And a little afterthought....... I got the link for this from another blog but just had to share it because it must be the best raised bed project I've ever seen!!!!

Thanks to Mediterranean Garden Spain for the info.....


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