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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today was fine but the soil was far too wet for digging. So I decided to tidy my seed storage. I had been storing the packets in a large tupperware like container but that wasn't very satisfactory. So they are now sorted by category (ie lettuce) into envelopes. Much easier to find now. The chest of drawers is in the sun room....north facing (!) and never very the seeds won't get damp nor dry out!
Then as it was very sunny and warm I felt I could usefully concentrate on cleaning some of the Kitchen Garden raised beds. After that I felt it was a good time to sieve some of my home-made compost. I set the rotary compost sieve up on the wheelbarrow and furiously turned it for about an hour and a half. When I'd stopped I could hardly straighten up as my back was so stiff. However the dogs needed walking so I eased it by exercise!!!

The compost was good but twiggy. So lots of bits went back in for another go. I still have two half full composters to sieve through. One of them had lost its lid sometime whilst we were away and the contents were too wet to sieve. I found the lid under some bushes, but I'll have to wait a while for the contents to dry a bit before I have another go at that one!


At 7/3/07 5:57 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

I spent most of the day in the garden too, it was glorious!!

At 7/3/07 7:30 am, Blogger RUTH said...

Your seeds look very neat and tidy now. Sun here too!

At 7/3/07 10:50 am, Blogger patsy said...

lilly came by for a visit been so sick haven't been around as much as i would like. be glad when you and lottie get going full blast in your allotments.


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