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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yesterday I used the plot in an attempt to rid myself of jetlag in two days instead of the usual week it requires. I saw on google a schedule for getting bright light at certain times of the day which suggested getting outside for the period 9.30 til 12.30. I went and dug for two hours and got my plot craving over for the day. Three buckets of weeds and a natter with the next door plot holder, then I gave up and came home. Head still fuzzy this morning, and I still have a bit of unsteadiness in my balance organs, due to the sea sickness from the cruise, but on the whole the bright light therapy has done some good.
Today there is too much rain to even contemplate going so I am seed sorting ready for my big seed sowing marathon tomorrow!


At 4/3/07 2:52 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

No matter how nice a holiday it is always good be home, don't you think. And first stop the allotment.

You didn't miss much - mainly rain - but maybe not on the 'holiday' isle you live in.

So nice to get down to earth, and back to nature, nothing like it - and it does help jetlag - you would have sat down and fallen asleep!

Nice to have you back


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