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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Photo a day....8th March.

Firstly I must advise that this is not a local Isle of Wight photo.....! I took it a fortnight ago during our Cruise holiday This was the beautiful clear water alongside the pier we tied up at in Costa Maya, Mexico.

Can you see the Barracudas? There is one in the middle of the picture just over a third of the way up, and another (not so clear) a little below it.

Costa Maya was one of those "shopping opportunity" stops you get on all cruises. Usually we avoid the shops at all costs, but as our suitcase with all our folded clothes stayed behind at Heathrow (thank you Virgin....nice one!) we needed to buy things. However the choices were so awful I limited it to a large cotton shawl/modesty skirt (forgotten the name of it) to cover me up from the sun.

We had only the clothes we wore on the plane, and my husband's formal wear which was in his Suiter. We had a rushed 2 hour shopping effort in Fort Lauderdale before boarding the ship trying to get clothes suitable for 35 degrees. My husband is bigger than most (XXL) so it was a real nightmare getting him anything. Don't believe all those myths about huge Americans....we found only one casual shirt to fit him in a Shopping Mall the size of Lakeside.

The case turned up after 6 days! By then I'd got used to doing with two changes of clothes. I really will cut down the packing in is possible to manage with very little.
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