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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Not much gardening today as I had a hospital appointment....!
However as it is a "flower day", as in planting by the moon, I hurriedly sowed some sweet peas (very late!) ....30 deep Rootrainer cells of "Fragrantissima" that I got free with the Rootrainer....and 30 "Perfume Delight" from Kings.

I also planted 27 cells of French Marigold "Glowing Embers Mixed". These will be for planting out in the tunnel. I find that I never get white fly as I always have these and basil around my tomatoes and cucumbers.

After the hospital visit I went to B&Q at Newport for some seed trays and some jiffy luck with the latter. So I called into the local garden centre on the way home....Busy luck there either. Apparently they can't get them at the moment.

I did succumb to the temptations of a Patio Plant..."Strelitzia"...Bird of Paradise plant. I'll attempt to keep it alive! It reminded me of a holiday in Madeira some years ago. I'd loved them there and hoped one day I'd be able to grow them.

I also got some Celeriac seeds and some Radish "Rat's Tail", which has edible seed pods if you let it go to seed. I love curiosities! Also some organic slug pellets..."Growing Success" by Neudorf; I've finished all my others and can't envisage doing without entirely. Nematodes might be a good option, but I bought some last year and kept them in the fridge until a suitable day came round....only it didn't. I forgot them until the best before date had passed....!

Tomorrow is "leaf" day so I'll be sowing brassicas, lettuce, watercress and some herbs.


At 8/3/07 2:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8/3/07 5:23 am, Blogger RUTH said...

I hope the appointment went well. A lovely selection of seeds you've'll have some lovely sweet ea scent in the garden this year. We use the marigold/basil trick to for our tomatoes. It really does work.


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