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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This is hard to believe....

These were the sum total of the squashes I harvested from the big compost pile on the bank, under the tree, where I sowed the pumpkin plant given me by a friend earlier in the year. He didn't know the name of the variety. They are 6 inches diameter....not large, but they were under the giant beech tree that borders my plot and cuts out light and water from half of it so I wasn't actually expecting much. Next year I'm moving the compost bays to this site....!
This, however, is what I am finding hard to believe...! This is one I grew last year in one of the deep beds on the plot, I had it on the windowsill in the sun room all year. This faces north so only gets sun morning and evening (suits me as I hate too much sun). The windowsill is a good place for plants, warm and bright but not too hot. I took this photo five minutes ago. I'm amazed at how well it has kept....a whole year on the windowsill with only an occasional dusting. I thought it was about time we ate it!
So, I cut it through expecting it to be like concrete....but not so. It cut very easily and inside was still beautiful! (See next picture). I will eat this over the next week or two. DH doesn't like pumpkin, which is why it just hasn't been used up to now.
I wish I could remember which variety it is. (It is 11 inches diameter). If I could I'd choose to grow it again forever as its keeping qualities are wonderful. And I am sure it will still taste good.

The ones on the windowsill from this year's poor harvest have soggy stems already so I know they won't keep. I will likely have to freeze the flesh withinn the next few days.

No action at the plot today as I have a bad head, and it is intermittently raining.
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At 3/11/09 10:59 pm, Anonymous ChickenLover said...

Could it be Crown Prince? It is the right shape, though it is rather mottled rather than bluey/green (could that be to old age?)

At 4/11/09 12:00 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I have a packet of Crown Prince seeds but it is still sealed. So I don't think it is that one.
I think it could either be Chioggia de Marina, or Ichiku Kuri (not sure they are spelled right!)

At 4/11/09 12:02 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Meant to say also that it did taste OK when I had some for my dinner. It cooked very quickly (I steam it) so had not gone tough.

At 4/11/09 7:53 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

Amazing! Can't you use the seeds to replant next season?
I like pumpkin pie, with lots of cream. It's the only way I've ever eaten it.

At 5/11/09 3:09 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

If you do find out, do post the information please. I'd like some better keepers. It looks rather like my queensland blues - are the seeds very meaty? I'm not that fond of pumpkin either but B and kids love it. I'll cope with it roasted, and as fritters (with cinnamon and sugar - good disguise)

At 15/11/09 5:44 pm, Blogger Matron said...

That's wonderful! I love those blue-skinned Winter keeping squash. If they are kept in the right conditions they last and last. Yours looks spectacular, such a lovely deep colour.

At 18/11/09 7:57 am, Blogger Jenny - Pocketful Of Posies said...

Those are such cute little squashes!
Its so funny to see you harvesting when out here in Canada we're all over and done for the year.
Snow will be covering the ground soon enough!

Lovely blog!

- Jenny

At 28/11/09 10:21 am, Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

I'd be interested in finding out the variety too - we struggle to get good keeping pumpkins and this is a real winner!

At 28/11/09 1:20 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I have posted a new message today confirming that I believe, after going through my seed packets and comparing the photos, the variety was "Marina di Chioggia".


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