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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A surprising harvest.

Had to go and dig some spuds today. Here they are all washed and dried! I still have 4 plants worth of spuds left to dig. So we'll soon be buying them again.

I also cut one of the globe artichokes. This was the biggest, there are 4 more coming along nicely. I'll report on the taste of this one tomorrow.

I had my stitches out on Monday and am continuing to make progress. Hopefully I'll soon be fit enough for some real work at the plot. And I am awaiting 30 feet of new hedging (all native species) to go in the front garden at home. I'm hoping they are still awhile off arriving as I'm nowhere near ready for them and I don't really want to have to heel them in anywhere.
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Update on my operation.

I had my operation on Monday and am doing well. I feel a bit wishy-washy today but I'm sure I'll soon feel a lot better.
I got none of the possible side effects following the op, such as a lop-sided smile, a numb tongue, nor dribbling! So I'm happy. The wound has a number of stitches in which itch like blazes, but I've been assured that this is normal. I've never had an op before so I'm not really sure what is normal and what isn't....!

Hopefully I'll get back to my plot after the holiday. DH won't let me go yet, not until after the stitches come out next Monday, and we have company from Saturday anyway, so it'll be a while before I can go down there and do any work.

Looking forward to a peaceful week (to recover) next week and hope the same for all of you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just look at this!

We had a truly breathtaking sunset this evening, and for a change my photo has done it justice....!
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Surprising harvest

Guess what this is? I took this picture today. It is my Globe Artichoke plant, grown from seed this year, and it is producing a this time of year!We had a deep frost this morning....what is it thinking of?

I went to the plot today to dig spuds and saw it....I'm amazed.

I expect someone will read this and tell me it is quite usual....I do hope so.
Will I be able to harvest this and eat it? If so, how long should I leave it before I pick it?

Tomorrow I am going to the plot to plant my shallots. I have to do it this week rather than leaving it til next (supposed to be the shortest day according to my book) because I have a date for my op next Monday....hooray!
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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update on nothing much

Long time no post from me! This is because nothing interesting is happening garden wise. I have been to the plot to dig some spuds, and spent some time re-organising the polytunnel beds in my home garden....but nothing really worth photographing yet.

When the weather improves I'll be going to the plot to finish clearing the final part of the plot ready for a productive year next year. Tuesday this week will be the first Anniversary of my plot, but I will be in Kent so won't be celebrating at the plot until the first fine day thereafter!

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