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Monday, September 08, 2008

The sun was out!!!!

The sun was out this morning, and the day was predicted to be dry, so I postponed a house cleaning session until it rains later in the week and went to the plot. It was such a mess, except for the little bit I did last week.
So.....first I harvested the courgettes, beans, some carrots and beetroot. Then I started on the weeds. They pulled out really easily so I got carried away. When I stood up my back was so sore that I didn't know where to put myself and instantly bent over again. ...and carried on weeding.
Anyway, when I finally finished I walked bent double to my shed and got the chair out for a few minutes sitting. Then I picked some sweetcorn and headed home, make prizes for guessing what we had!
Then this afternoon, after a lunchtime rest with my Sudoku, I went back to continue the clean-up. The result is that half the plot is now pristine....the bit nearest the shed, and the rest is getting there.
On the back 4 beds I have started the tidying at the far end. I pulled up all the sweetcorn stems, and the squash bines, and cut off the squashes. The bines were deadish and I couldn't see that the squash would grow more. There were so many squashes that half of them are still at the plot waiting til I go again. I couldn't claim that it was a good harvest as some plants produced nothing, but I think we have enough for the winter for two of us, and occasional guests.
I also weeded off the maincrop potato bed....just the tall weeds that were seeding...I still need to do a proper job of it. The early potato bed has a huge pile of plant debris on it now. It belongs in the compost bins but I need to turn that before I put anything more in there.
This evening I will be pickling the beetroot, and making more Olive Oil Pickle as we have another glut of cucumbers.
If tomorrow is fine I will return to finish the tidy-up at the plot. The housework can wait.


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