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Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have visitors at the moment....two teenage needed to replenish the fridge!!!! I hadn't been to the plot for 5 days and expected to find marrows instead of courgettes.....but it wasn't too bad. The big yellow one here is 9" long.

I pulled a few carrots to see how they are progressing, and was pleased to see that as yet there is no fly damage. I have tried the earthing up method as the soil is quite seems to be working.
Likewise the beetroot, I pulled a few to see what is happening and some are big but I think they need a little longer before I can pull up enough to pickle.

The cauliflowers were a little past their best, and some were turning pink. They are also smallish. I suppose I planted them too close together. When I tried them at home two years ago the curds turned brown, which was not due to rot. I researched this and discovered that it is due to boron deficiency. The cure is Epsom salts. But I'm not sure pinkiish curds are a result of the same deficiency. Anyone got any idea?

This lot was quite heavy to carry home, but I won't do two trips up the steep hauling way, so I had to manage.....

Whilst there I weeded the leeks which were smothered in nasturtiums. These are only small yet as I was late getting them in. I have put them quite close together as we like lots of small ones. Some didn't thrive so that has left some biggish spaces which will allow some to grow large....for soup.

I also checked the sweetcorn which still need a few days. I was hoping for some today as they are real crowd pleasers.
The corn and squash bed is a real jungle with lots of different squashes lurking under the leaves. I understand that it is best to leave the plants until frosts finish them off and then take the squash....but I am finding it hard to keep my hands off them....!
When I left this morning it looked like this. Still plenty to do but it'll have to wait until next week now as I am busy here.

This afternoon I will have to hunt out the info on freezing cabbage as we won't be likely to finish this lot up before they lose their freshness.
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At 8/8/08 8:57 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

Wow! Your cauli's are amazing, I am having a go this year and have had to use a special fleece to keep the cabbage whites at bay!!!

At 11/8/08 3:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Cauli's were the envy of many on my plot but that was three weeks ago. I went on holiday giving my lotty friends who kindly watered my plot whilst I was away instructions to take what they wanted. Unfortunatly they did not take one and on our return we found that over half of them had bolted. Still my friends chickens enjoyed them.

At 12/8/08 5:56 pm, Blogger Matron said...

What a great haul you have there! I just love this time of year, so much harvesting. I look forward to seeing your squashes when you find them under all that foliage!

At 13/8/08 7:35 am, Anonymous Lottie said...

Wow - what a fantastic harvest you are doing brilliantly - have fun with your visitors as I am sure you will

At 18/8/08 6:16 am, Anonymous jandra said...


Great harvest you've got there. My caulifowers aren't doing well at all.

I would harvest the squash before first frost, by the way. Not sure of your climate, but over here (Netherlands) the foliage dies back before it starts to freeze. Anyhow they're supposed to be ready when the stem gets corky. My pumpkins kept the entire winter after harvesting them in that stage.

Good luck, good gardening.


At 28/8/08 10:29 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

it looks fabulous!! and what a great load of veggies!! i am quite jealous!


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