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Monday, July 14, 2008

A busy morning clearing the bank area

DH wanted some exercise today, and I needed help with a big Berberis at the plot. I had been wanting to clear this part of the bank where I moved all the herbs and some flowering plants to when I took over the plot. It hasn't been a success because it seems to be a breeding ground for bindweed which issues from here all over the plot when I have my back turned. Added to that I want some room for summer raspberries.....and this shady spot seems to be the best place.

Officially this part of the plot is not mine. The 8 feet x 50 feet of bank area should really be a no-mans land, but as "no-man" never comes to dig or weed it I have sequestered it into my plot. If I leave it a mess others bring rubbish here to dump. You wouldn't believe how much rubbish there was here when I took the plot on.
We cut down the top foliage from the berberis then DH dug out the main root for me. The rest I got out when I started digging and cleaning this area. I have barely started the digging and have already, out of about 4 sq yards, dug out 4 tubtrugs of white bindweed roots, and about the same in rubbish.

The soil is beautiful, if a little dry. It is against a west facing fence, and so gets no sun until after lunch each day. This bit isn't affected by the roots from the big beech tree which is further along the fence to the right of the pictures, but it is shaded by it. For this reason I think more raspberries would be best here.

I also want a blackberry or one of its relatives under the tree when I get to that end of the bank. The tree roots are so near the surface that digging it all over is not an option as I found last Autumn when I tried to tackle it. So I will strim it; cover it with manure, cardboard and black landscape fabric; then plant the blackberry through it.
The yellow daisy plant will get dug out when I get to that bit later this week. I want to take cuttings from it to make a hedge along the top of the plot with.
Here you can see the bit I will be turning my attention to later. The heap of weedy rubbish will be moved, when I next go to the plot to a burning pile, that will get some attention in October when we can have a fire again.
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