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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Boy was it hot today....

I went to the plot whilst it was in deep shade this morning and hoed off all the weeds, and sowed some more courgette seeds to replace those that didn't come up. Hopefully I'll get a late crop.

I also weeded the shallots....shown here. I think these are about ready now as so many leaves are turning yellow.. One or two that came up whilst I was weeding were showing a lot of fungus growing on them. I am beginning to get the feeling that this plot is infected with something that gets onions. Last year most of my onions grown at the plot rotted. I put it down to the shade on the plot and the wet summer; but this year has been if anything too why the rot?

The squashes were beginning to trail all over the place. So this afternoon I did a quick trip to the garden centre to get some 5ft canes to make tripods for them. Then I went to install them.

Can you see my lovely Sweet Nugget Sweetcorn? They are so strong and the flowers are pushing up from inside the leaf whirl already. It would be good if they didn't grow too tall as the plot is windy and they might blow over.

We had all home grown veg yesterday and today...except for the carrots, which were local (ie Tesco's...! 2 miles away!!! LOL) Yesterday we had salsify, peas, courgettes, onions and potatoes. Today we had courgettes and potatoes, also onions.
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At 2/7/08 7:23 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

I think I'm having the same problem as you. My garlic was dug up early as it had rust but there was also signs of some kind of rot at the bottom. I'm wondering if it's onion white rot which I've never had before.
No doubt it will affect the onions which are nearby.
As you say the weather has been much dryer - so why now I wonder?


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