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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A productive morning

Two and a half hours of hoeing, weeding and soaking everything have resulted in a tidy plot....for a while.I felt it was time to water it all as according to the Metcheck website we are not due for rain until Sunday. Anyway it made the soil a dream to hoe.The cabbages, caulis and brussels have had a good weed round with the onion hoe and can be left to get on with it for a while.I also sprayed the blackfly on the broad beans.....little beggars!

The potatoes are flowering....Charlotte are the best so far. As they are a maincrop I am surprised that they are first to flower. The Kestrel (second early)haven't many flowers yet, nor the you'd expect.

I still have lots to do on the bank bit, and I chickened out of weeding around the raspberries and rhubarb because there were a few nettles there and I'd rather tackle that area when I'm wearing trousers and long sleeves....not a sundress like today.


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