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Friday, June 06, 2008

Kitchen Garden update

A very productive day in the kitchen garden today. DH did another trip to the tip with the last load of branches and old wood. Also a stack of cardboard that had built up. Meanwhile I got on with continuing the tidy up.

The first two pictures show all the beds I weeded yesterday. Plus today I started on the gravel paths between the beds. The weeds were beginning to gain hold so they got their marching orders.
The far left bed here is next in line for attention. The yellow flowers are on the salsify that I sowed last year. I dug some of the roots up today and steamed them for dinner this evening. I have never had them before and quite honestly I wonder what all the fuss is about. When I clear up that bed (broad beans have a little bit left to do here) I will out them and not bother again.

I am beginning to realise that if very few people bother to grow certain things there is usually a good reason!

The strawberry bed got some attention, and then I "strawed" the bed with shredded post from my husband's shredder. I needed a bit more but it will be available very soon.

I can't find a reliable supply of non seedy straw and so have had to improvise.

I also netted against the birds.....

Just look at my asparagus bed behind the strawberries. We should be able to take some of the shoots next year. I sowed the seeds two years ago about three years is the length of time to let them grow a decent root run.
In the white balcony pots here are my new strawberry plants. These will take over from the old bed, in a new position next year.
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At 7/6/08 10:51 am, Blogger dinzie said...

your vegetable garden looks great :O)..very productive. I'm hoping ours will look as good come our kiwi summer:O)

best wishes


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