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Friday, June 06, 2008

Wisley last Monday:The 3x3 Vegetable Beds

Firstly...the little bridge wth the wisteria trained over it. I had never seen this in bloom but this year I had high hopes. I hit lucky....but was is white! I loooove blue or lilacy wisteria. This is a disappointment.
This is the current state of the Oriental Veg 3x3 bed.
And this is the state of the 3x3 conventional veg bed.

Looking closely at the plan tells me that this is really Square Foot Gardening but a bit bigger. The squares of veg are more than a foot. I think they are 60 cm square. This size seems to produce a better result, perhaps because veg growing in our climate need a bit more room and light than where Mel Bartholomew gardens. If I try sq ft gardening again I will make the squares larger too.
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At 6/6/08 10:19 pm, Blogger marigold said...

I have got to go there soon. Everything looks so neat and well cared for.


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