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Friday, June 06, 2008

Polytunnel update

This was the state of the tunnel this afternoon. The tomatoes on the left are thriving. The potatoes, although they are not flowering, are flopping over very annoyingly so I decided to see what they had produced. I dug a half a tub trug load out from the 6 not good but not bad. They are now sitting out hardening their skins til tomorrow.

The bed on the left is needing attention too. The courgettes have been a complete success this year inside. Last year they were a disaster. But the close up here in the second photo shows that we are almost harvesting these.
After dinner this evening I completely cleared the beds of weeds, fed the toms and the strawberry plants, watered everything copiously; and prepared the bit where the cucumbers are going to be planted tomorrow evening (can't work in there during the day if it is sunny. I drip and can't see through my glasses!) all along the left hand side behind the courgettes.

I also moved the lemon tree outside. I hope for a good crop this year as it had a lot of blossom last week. It fills the tunnel with a divine perfume.

The fig at the back end of the tunnel really should be put in the ground outside, but I really don't know where to put it. It needs to be south facing, but all my south facing walls have windows which shouldn't be blocked. So it is still sitting in here waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

My back is now very stiff so I have given up for the day. It all looks a lot different to this now.....! Gardener's World will soon be on and I can't miss that. Last week Carol made a comment about "ploog plunts" and my husband nearly choked. Every time she says "plunts" my DH repeats it.....which is very irritating. But she got him with "ploog plunts"! He was actually speechless! (NB My spellchecker has just got excited!!)
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