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Friday, June 13, 2008

What a colossal dope!

This is how my broad beans looked today when I arrived at the plot. Oh oh! They don't look too happy since I sprayed them with the bug gun....! Then it hit me. I had filled that bug gun with weedkiller to have a go at the bindweed.....! What a colossal dope I am.......!!!!

My only excuse is that I am very distracted by some bad news about a friend at the moment.

We went to the plot this afternoon to strim down all the nettles and tidy up the paths. It does look better now.
I also put some replacement seeds in with the Borlotti beans, Cosse Violette beans, Sugar Snap Peas; and another two rows of Greenshaft peas. And all through the sweetcorn and squash beds I have sown French Dwarf Beans Cropper version of a three sisters bed. I find using climbing beans doesn't work if you want the sweetcorn and the beans fresh. The climbing beans wrap themselves all round the sweetcorn and you can't snap the cobs off without sacrificing the beans.

As well as that short visit to the plot I spent hours on tidying the front garden. I have done just under half of what needed doing, so tomorrow I hope to do a bit more. The soil is so dry you wouldn't believe we'd had so much rain the last few days.


At 13/6/08 5:40 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

So sorry to hear about your broad beans fiasco - never mind you have lots to look forward too.

I am behind with my planting and sowing - and I 'lost' all my asparagus due to my hand op - but I just think - 'Ah well its only a bit of veggies' as I look at the wonderful spears now turning into ferns!

I am wondering whether to bother going on a coach trip to Wisely on the 29th June - its such a long way and £15 each for the trip - I feel that I have seen it all through your photos in the comfort of my own lounge!

At 13/6/08 5:43 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

I forgot to say LM that in future if you get any blackfly just pinch out the tops of the broad beans - and hey presto - problem solved

At 13/6/08 9:02 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Actually I did do that some weeks ago when Chris said he'd got them on his. We cooked and ate the tops....delicious. The blackfly had got somehow onto all the baby beans.

As for Wisley....I know it is a long way, but I find something to see every time I go there. Much more than I take photos of (I usually do just the veg garden! Obsessed in a way I suppose.)


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