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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Plot with a View!

When I was weeding the cleared part of the bank this morning (see below!) I stood up to ease my back and realised that this bit of the plot is quite a vantage point for the views. So I got the camera and took some pictures for you. (All photos clickable to make them bigger to see the details)

To the South we have Colin's plot, and fields running up to a beautiful house (now a row of beautiful houses).

Colin's plot is always very beautifully kept. I walk through it to get to mine and marvel at his industriousness. He says he has had it for some years now and the weeds are well under control.
Moving round we see the views across to the hills behind Seaview. The green shed is Malcolm's. His plot is always immaculate, as is Jeff's which is between Malcolm's and Colin's, behind the little wooden shed at the end of the plot next to mine.

This plot next to mine is a a bit of a mess. Someone has been looking after it because the plotholder has not been well, but it is still a mess.
Looking across the messy plot you can see the new fruitcage. A number of plotholders took advantage of the timber which was being thrown away when a cedar bungalow was demolished in the village a couple of weeks ago.
Here is the view across Chris's (seen here) plot, and Linda's plot (next to it, with the little shed), to the Sport's Club, and the Solent in the distance.

Now you can all see why I love being at the plot. It is so peaceful, and I have a pair of blackbirds for company who sing so beautifully from the top of the fence. It is truly a beautiful place to be. And I have been tempted to put a park bench against the fence to have somewhere to sit and enjoy the view from....but honestly, I never sit down, as I always have to get home. (One reason is that there is no loo at the plot....correction...there is a tin hut that is so awful no-one uses it!)
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At 14/7/08 8:22 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

It does look a very enjoyable place to work. Always nice to have well tended allotments around you.Puts you in the right frame of mind.


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