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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Started the tidy up!

Yesterday I had two hours free so I went to the plot to start the tidy up. I started hoeing the weedy 'tween bed paths, but got sidetracked into clearing the pea bed which was looking very messy. Then I weeded it out and prepared it for the next crop.....winter cabbages.
Then I weeded the leeks again, and tidied up the carrot bed (with the marigolds behind the leek bed). I also had a pick off of some more veg.....we are overrun with veg and I'm now giving it away.
Here you can see the Sweetcorn Tuxedo which are still a bit white inside the very well filled husks. These are going to be wonderful eating. We have now finished the Sweet Nugget which was very very tasty.
Looking towards the top of the plot you can see the Brussels Sprouts netted against the Cabbage White butterflies (I keep finding them inside the netting!)

The empty beds have spuds still in them gradually being used up. Then I will go all over them and dig them well to remove all the escapee spuds before they start off again next year.
Here is the bank....raspberries in the background, then the cleared patch , which you can't see, then the nettles which DH was going to strim down yesterday,,,,but found that he needed to replace the strimmer line (which was at home!) so I have to wait a bit longer for that. He did do all the perimeter paths so I can't grumble.

After he has strimmed the nettles I am going to spread my compost all over the area, and cover it with cardboard and plastic. Next year I will put the pumpkins here as there is plenty of room. I can't dig this area as the tree roots are very near the surface and are like a net just an inch or so beneath the surface. I figure that if there is enough water for nettles to grow then I can probably get a pumpkin to flourish if I help it along a bit with a bucket of water every time I got to the plot.

We have a quiet month ahead so I can concentrate on getting both the plot and the kitchen garden at home pristine before the winter comes.
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At 31/8/08 7:02 pm, Blogger HappyMouffetard said...

Your plot is looking wonderfully prodective.

We gre Tuxedo sweetcorn with great success last year; this year - nothing.

At 3/9/08 3:49 pm, Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

Wow, you look so organised for somebody who says you haven't been able to get to the plot much! Great sweetcorn - that's on my list to grow next year. Am I reading you right that you're putting your potatoes back into the same bed? Do you not crop rotate then?

At 3/9/08 4:17 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

Oh no! I was rather clumsily trying to explain that the beds have to be super dug after potatoes to get out all the last little tiny ones, otherwise they will wreck the crop rotation by growing in the same bed the next year.
I (try to!) follow a four year crop rotation

At 6/9/08 7:18 am, Blogger patsy said...

your plot looks wonderful. the bean towers are really great.

At 7/9/08 4:11 am, Blogger Matron said...

I keep finding those darn cabbage white butterflies inside my netting cage as well. Can't figure out how they do it!


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