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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I promised pictures of my back kitchen here goes.

Things are cropping heavily....mostly. The outdoor tomatoes were rubbish this year....they all got blight. The Burpee cucumbers didn't like the wet weather and haven't really recovered. The sweetcorn have been magnificent. We've had lots and still there are some growing.

Runner beans have been superb....lots and lots and very tasty. The Borlotti beans are still cropping. I have left some pods to get old and dried for seeds for next year.

We have plenty of leeks coming along, fennel too. And the celeriac is beginning to swell. I have some salsify too which I will have to harvest a sample of to see how ready it is. Then I'll have to look up how to cook and serve them as I have no idea.

In the first photo you can see the asparagus bed by the tunnel, and the strawberry bed in front of that.

The sweetcorn, courgette and bean bed has been a success. I trained the beans up poles instead of the corn and thus had the benefit of the symbiosis of growing them all together without the irritation of the beans strangling the sweetcorn cobs!

The bed at the right of the second picture, with the green where I put the last Sq ft bed with salads in. They have not done well. I need to cloche them as the cats dig things up otherwise, but I think these types of cloches cut light out so the seeds have germinated patchily. The lettuce mixtures have sprouted but that's all.

The long bed against the wall is my winter project this year. The bindweed has rather got a hold here (it comes through from next door) and I need to get tough with it.


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