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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photo a day....22nd August.

Here is why I haven't been very busy blogging....or at the plot. We have a skip for 10 days and I'm working like mad to make sure I fill it before it goes away.

We have had a strong young man in doing the paths....gravel and paving slabs over terram, and so a lot of this was filled by him; but I've done a fair bit too. I moved a heap of soil (about 12 barrow loads) from a flower bed I'm converting to a shrub bed and which was the dumping ground for a lot of sub-soil for a few weeks. I have also cut down loads of branches and dug up some old rose roots and piles of bindweed roots from the bed too.

We are also taking the opportunity to clear away lots of rubbish we had accumulated. I expect we could really do with another skip.....but I'll have a rest first I think. I hope!

Come the Autumn we'll be re-doing the front garden another skip will be coming then presumably.

Tomorrow and Friday I plan to carry on with the soil shifting....back permitting. The bed we're converting to shrubs is rather mounded up the fence at the moment. It was like that when we moved here. It isn't our fence to replace but I still feel it would last longer without the soil heaped up. There is a lot to move as well as weed out so I'll be busy....!
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