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Monday, August 13, 2007

Photo a day....13th August.

Another of the sculptures from Robin Hill Country Park. It is called "The Twins". I must admit that although I don't usually like modern art I do like this one.
It wasn't 'til I started "editing" the digital picture that I realised that it had that surface texture...!

I went through the Allotments when walking the dogs this afternoon in order to water the little cabbage plants. I didn't water anything else as we are expecting lots of rain tomorrow. It is actually raining now....!
Anyway, on the way through the rest of the plots i decided to have a look at the plot that I was sort of pushed off last Autumn. I expect you won't be surprised to hear that it is overgrown with weeds. I forgot my camera today but I'll get a picture when I'm next there.
It's a bit disappointing, especially as it was sort of inferred that I hadn't pulled my weight during my tenure!!!!!
Still....I'm much better off where I am now....except that I could do with a bit more sun on my current plot. The soil is much much better.


At 14/8/07 7:51 am, Blogger RUTH said...

An interesting sculpture and I see what you mean by the texture pattern. I wonder how they manage to stand without falling over? Such a waste that the plot ended up full of weeds :o( Raining here too now; a few weather warnings on the's good to have some rain but let's hope there's not as much flooding as last time.

At 14/8/07 10:04 pm, Blogger Matron said...

I've been watering my little brassicas too! Just a few days after planting out, they are getting their new little leaves and doing just fine now we've had some rain today.


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