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Friday, August 10, 2007

I know this is a rather boring picture of some cloches, but they show the result of my work this morning before it got too hot to work outside. This is the bed in the Kitchen Garden that had all my early cabbage and romanesco caulis in. I cleared it on Tuesday (I think) and today I square footed it and sowed a variety of saladings for Autumn and Winter. I cloched them to prevent attention from my cats!

I sowed.....
French Parsley
Perpetual Spinach
Fennel "Perfection"
Salad Leaves "Oriental Mixed"
Raab Cima di Rapa
Spicy mixed salad leaves
Autumn King carrots
Heritage lettuce "Stoke" (free when I joined the Heritage Seed Library last week.)
Ruby Chard
Buffalo Onions
and Beet Cylindra (for leaves for salad)

You can see that the bindweed has rather got away from me in the edge bed against the fence...a job which can wait as I have so much else to do.

After an early lunch I went to the plot to do some weeding around the cabbages and the courgettes. I also pulled some of the cabbages that were being attacked. I spent this evening making freezer coleslaw with some of it.
I have also done a crockpot full of Delia's Red Cabbage recipe. This will do all night on 'low' and will be ready to freeze in the morning.

I took this photo when I arrived at 12.30 as a record of how late my plot gets the sun each day. An hour and a half later it was sunny all the way to the right of this I gave up and came away. I was dripping...!


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