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Thursday, August 09, 2007

OK....the blog does that red x thing if I load four, so I'll try two at once instead!

There were vast quantities of courgettes waiting for me! I'll be making these into ratatouille for the freezer using a recipe I saw on Allotment Lady's site.

These still need a good weeding....will do it Friday.

This is the haul of potatoes. The last of the Nicola sign of blight. The Desiree were a few plants I used to fill up the end of the earlies bed. No sign of blight here either.
The other plots all seem to have it and have lost a minimum of a fifth of their crop. It seems to me either that mine were more blight resistant (Desiree was a two tick for BR in my De Haan catalogue), or that my plot is extra good this year because it was fallow for so long. It makes me think that it would be good to plan for fallow in the rotation, although I expect green manuring would have a similar effect.

As other plotholders agree that I seem to have missed it completely I am tempted to go with my earlier plan and only lift these when I need them. I'll pile more mulch on top of the rows to guard against light infiltration and hope that they'll be OK when I dig them out this winter.

The little cabbage plants in the bottom corner were some of another plotter's surplus. I potted them on for a while 'til they are big enough to fend for themselves. They are Golden Acre...spring cabbages.


At 9/8/07 6:45 am, Blogger RUTH said...

All photos coming through clearly now. What a great crop of potatoes! Must admit I'm tempted by Lotties recipe...even though I'll have to buy the least our local market does good produce and quite cheap if you buy in bulk.


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