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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back from Kent having had a bad head all day driving. It was so humid and oppressive that at one point I got off the road for an hour and drunk gallons.

The rain has come and will be here most of the weekend.....good! We will be away for three days, leaving the garden and tunnel to the ministrations of my niece who will be dog-sitting and it will be good if watering is not in their remit too. Just a bit in the tunnel and no more hopefully.

On the way to Kent I called in at Wisley again....more on that tomorrow...!

I will have to have a massive pick off of the strawberries too as loads will have ripened whilst my back was turned.....


At 13/6/07 10:32 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

We had a really bad thunderstorm earlier and plenty of rain. Hope the headache clears up. Have promised myself I'll get to Wisley one day.

At 13/6/07 10:35 pm, Blogger talj said...

Sorry to hear about your bad head but glad you got home safely!

I wish my strawberries would ripen :o( I have at least 10 on my little plant but they just dont want to change from green :o(

At 14/6/07 2:05 pm, Blogger Jim and Barbara said...

You visit Kent, we live in Kent.Saturday we visit the Isle of Wight for a week.(Promise that we will not party to hard and will keep the noise to a minimum)My plot will just have to cope on its own for a while.


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